Commercial Portrait, Woman On Bench Wearing Pink Sari, Toronto Canada

Environmental Portrait, Worker with folded arms against industrial background

Location Portrait, Woman working in Industrial gritty setting looking at camera

Corporate Woman , Candid, Environmental Location Portrait , Toronto

DR. Malus, Windsor Ontario, Candid Environmental Portrait, Natural Expression & Natural Light

Candid Corporate Portrait, Asian Woman, Location Setting, Candid Portrait, Stantec Corporation Toronto

Stantec Toronto



Corporate ExecutivePortrait, Photographed against white, Trillium Gift of Life, Toronto

Corporate Portrait, Photographed against white, Trillium Gift of Life, Toronto

Corporate Portrait, Photographed against white, Trillium Gift of Life, Toronto

 commercial portrait on location,  husband & wife, Ottawa Ontario, Trillium Gift of Life

location portrait, toronto ontario, senoir wearing cap, looking at camera

Corporate Team Meeting, Group Portrait

Stantec Toronto

Corporate Environmental Portrait, Dr. Reuvan Balka, Rabbi Ottawa_cropped-jpg

Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka

colour photo of sales team in office setting,Toronto  wolseleysales

Environmental Portrait of Roman Milo & Jano Badovinac, Warehouse, Toronto

Roman Milo Jano Badovinac

Fugitive Glue Design Toronto

Dramatic shot of high school soccer, Appleby College, Oakville Ontario

Candid Photograph in Class of two young students taking notes. Appleby College, Oakville Ontario

Appleby College Ontario

Environmental Portrait, Student holding Saxophone in school uniform, Appleby College, Oakville, Ontario

sikh temple interior, photojournalistic image of young sikh girl staring at the camera, Windsor, Ontario

Sikh Temple, Candid Photo, Man Seated. Windsor, Ontario

Sikh Temple -Windsor, Ontario

mitra&friends, black and white group portrait, toronto, -jpg

Black & White Candid Group Shot, Seaway Fish Market, Kensington, Toronto

Group Executive Portrait in Office Setting, Korman & Assoc. Mississauga, Ontario

Corporate Portrait of Brian Greenspan in an office setting, Toronto

Brian Greenspan

marc-amp-suzanne_9351-jpg trillium gift of life coommercial portrait

environmental portrait, photographer with six time cameras, vibrant yello graffiti  wall.

Creative Portrait of Lorne Wolk, Toronto Commercial Photographer

Lorne Wolk